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UPK Curriculum:
      Carousel Academy will work closely with the Niagara Falls City School District to ensure that students are confident and well-prepared for Kindergarten. We also partner with parents and families to prepare each child for Kindergarten, as well as their future educational career. The Pre-Kindergarten's curriculum not only prepares each child academically but also includes important goals to enhance social and emotional skills. 

      When planning and preparing lessons and experiences, teachers use a developmentally appropriate curriculum with hands-on materials and experiences. Our curriculum goals also include the  New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K . Teachers use classroom observations and one-on-one assessments to monitor individual progress and create lesson plans and activities that engage students' interests and enhance their academic and social skills. 
Math Skills:
  • Rote counting 1-10 (1-20 by the end of the year) 
  • Count objects 1 by 1 (1-20 by the end of the year)
  • Recognize numerals 1-10    
  • Sort objects or pictures into different categories
  • Describe and classify the attributes of various objects
  • Recognize shapes 
  • Recognize colors
Literacy Skills:  
  • Identify most of the letters in the alphabet 
  • Write most of the letters of the alphabet
  • Identify sounds of letters
  • Identify print concepts  
  • Retell simple and familiar stories 
  • Recognize rhyming sounds  
  Fine Motor Skills:
  • Grasp pencil, crayon, etc. correctly
  • Manipulate most tiny objects
  • Copy shapes from a given example
  • Draw a 2-6 part person
Gross Motor Skills:
  • Balance on 1 foot for 5 or more seconds
  • Throw ball overhand
  • Gallop
  • Walk full length of the balance beam
  • Walk up and down stairs alone
  • Manage climbing equipment
  • Skip on alternating feet
  • Hop 2 or 3 yards
Social/Emotional Skills:
  • Listen to peers and adults
  • Participate in cooperative play
  • Participate in whole group and small group instruction
  • Respect and use materials properly
  • Ability to state feelings
  • Ability to make individual choices
  • Button and zipper clothing/jackets
  • Take care of self in the bathroom   
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